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Wilds of Central Park  - 2003

Central Park is truly a wildlife oasis in the middle of the the worlds greatest metropolis.

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One Way - 2002

No explanation needed.

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Easter Mass - 2002

Easter mass at Central Park's "Lady pavilion".  It was raining at at the beginning of the mass and the sun broke though by the end.  The sun stayed out all day.

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Pop-Art Architecture - 2003

This is not a joke.  Architecture can take on many forms. This may be the future.

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Street Mirror - 2002

This is the kind of shot you can get if you carry a camera all the time and keep your eyes open. .

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XO the Kat - 2001 & 2002

This cat, I take care of sometimes.  He is a "Maine Coon" which is the only indigenous long hair breed in the USA.  White fur with a black tail and sharp claws are his distinguishing features.

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Scary Girls - 2001

Noor and Jana all ready for Halloween.  The blood is fake... the teeth are real.

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Shoes - 2002

These shoes are a very small part of a theatrical costume collection.

digital-09-TN.JPG (13093 bytes) Subway -2002

The New York city subway. Someone reading the "New York Post".   Man or woman?  It's hard to tell in this city.

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Carnegie Hall - 2003

The greatest recital hall in the world.

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Easter Parade Drag Queens - 1979

The Easter parade on 5th avenue.  Yes, that is St. Patrick's cathedral in the back ground.

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Snow Shelter  - 2003

A lakeside shelter in Central Park.

digital-13-TN.jpg (13971 bytes)

Sidewalk Art - 2002

Eastside, westside... You never know what you will find on the streets of New York.  This is the westside (Broadway).

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Toys R Us -2002

"Toys R Us" with their new Jockey lingerie collection.  The ultimate toy... a girl in  lingerie.  That is if you don't include a electric train set.

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Kitten - 2002

A girl was waiting in the midtown rush hour for a woman to get this kitten.  The woman never showed.  I don't know what happened to the kitten.

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Upper West Side - 2002

This what you would see on the upper west side of Manhattan.

digital-17-TN.JPG (9560 bytes)

Frozen Lake - 2003

This photograph could have been taken one hundred years ago.  I removed the modern highrises with a photo editing program.

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Hold It - 2002

A summer day in the park.  A real summer moment.

digital-19-TN.JPG (13502 bytes)

Old New York Anew - 2002

The lights are new, the stone carvings are old.

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Freak Show - 2002

The last remaining freak shows.  The shot  was taken at the Meadowlands Fairgrounds in New Jersey.

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New Times Square - 2002

Times Square sure has changed alot in recent years.  The changes have been for the better.

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Dell Computer - 2003

This is a computer that I was checking out for a dear friend.  I think this computer has seen better days and needs replacement.

digital-23-TN.JPG (16346 bytes)

Near WTC - 2002

This is near the World Trade Center site, memorabilia of/for the victims.   Very moving!

digital-24-TN.JPG (11908 bytes)

Silver Automobiles - 2002

This is an outdoor exhibition of old cars painted silver.   Rockerfeller Center NYC

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Flag at Carnegie Hall - 2003

Photo Lesson: Alway try to find an interesting angle for your photographs.   Have something in the foreground to indicate depth.

digital-25-TN.JPG (13553 bytes)

Flag at Carnegie Hall - 2003

Photo Lesson: Alway try to find an interesting angle for your photographs.   Have something in the foreground to indicate depth.

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XO the Kat & Pigeon - 2002

The kat watches the pigeon, like we watch television... and finally an attack with the bird flying safely away.

Great White Heron  - 2003

This bird summers in Central Park and flies south for the winter. 

Park Painter - 2003

The painter is Kamil Kubik.  Several of his works are in the George Bush family collection.  A fan is there with Kamil's paint brush in her hand.

Rowing in the Rain - 2003

Solitude with your close friends.  Remember this is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

Grand Central Station - 2003

This is one of the world's great train stations.

Lovers on Bow Bridge - 2003

Bow bridge is the most beautiful bridge in Central Park and a great place for lovers.

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Jumping - 2003

Street performers are all over the Central Park on summer weekends.   Click for an animated image(s). It could be a longer download.

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Duck - 2003

This duck reminds me of the politicians that populate our country.   He keeps quacking all the time.

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Flowers - 2003

These are tiny flowers getting ready to open.  I don't know the name.

Puccini's La Boh�me -2003

The roles of the young lover are performed by Maria Knapik and Pablo Veguilla.  Central Park is the location and 16,000 people are in attendance.

Fat Squirrel - 2003

Fattened up for the long hard winter ahead.

digital-11-TN.JPG (15510 bytes)

Top of Park  - 2003

The view from Belvedere Castle in Central Park.  The top of the park.

Betsy Ross  - 2003

Who would have ever guessed that Betsy Ross would had been reincarnated as a dog?   Not Me?

Tunnel to the sunlight - 2003

This tunnel is under Manhattan's West Side Highway.  As you leave the tunnel you behold the Hudson river.  

Photographer - 2003

My competition is getting younger all the time.

Strolling in Sheep's Meadow - 2003

Central Park is truly for lovers.   

Hot Babe - 2003

The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is a great venue for picking up babes... that is if you are into clowns.

Hibiscus - 2003

A flower from Riverside Park (Manhattan).

Red Tail Hawk - 2003

Wildlife of Central Park.  A bird of prey that is about 19 inches tall, the Red Tail Hawk lives on small mammals and birds.

Central Park Portrait - 2003

I did not care for the distracting back ground and so I changed it. (Click to see the change)

Actor - 2003

An actor (Jeff Burchfield) performing in  "Daughter of the Tree" based on Mark Twain's "Joan of Arc".  The play was written, and directed by Rea Hooker.  Produced in  New York City by The Playwrights Company.

Blossom Time - 2003

This is the west side of Central Park, at a trail that goes around the reservoir.

Kermit the Balloon - 2003

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade has a lot of balloons.  A balloon like this can be quit thrilling.


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